Expect The Best From A Boca Raton Athletic Club


You are the customer. It is your individual responsibility to decide what is right for you and whether you will continue to give money to an establishment that cannot or will not meet your needs. Athletic clubs offer a variety of things, including yoga, dance, basketball courts, tennis courts, racquetball courts, swimming pools, and many other amenities. Even so, there are those that offer a large range of activities but fail to meet customer expectations. That being said, there are some things you should look for in a Boca Raton athletic club.

First, never be satisfied. That’s not to say you should constantly complain, but seek to find the best in any facility you visit. If your passion is swimming, you will want an athletic club in Boca Raton that has at least one Olympic-sized swimming pool. Swim lanes are an important feature for most members, so check those out if your interest lies here. If you find the pool less than acceptable, go somewhere else. Simply because the yoga studio is clean and well-kept is not a reason to select a facility in which to play basketball.

Second, you are a paying member and should be regarded as such. There are often promotions offered by athletic clubs in Boca Raton to lure new members. In most cases, these offers are not given to already-paying members. A little-known secret among athletic club management is that if you have been a paying-member for quite some time, they want to keep you, and if asked they will give you the promotional offer as well. It never hurts to ask, so when you see promotions advertised for new members ask for the same promotion to show their appreciation of your loyalty.

Third, constantly compare other athletic clubs to the one you currently attend. Occasionally, a new club will open and have the brand-new racquetball court you have always dreamed of. If that is the case, pay the new facility a visit. When you do, make it clear you are currently a member of a competing athletic club in Boca Raton and that you are happy where you are, but curious. Showing your current membership card will help “seal the deal” and, to your delight, cause a windfall of offers from the management at the new location. After all, as a new athletic club in the area their main focus is to gain membership, even if it means your first year’s membership is less than one-fifth the published rate.

Finally, get to know the staff at your current Boca Raton athletic club. Nice facilities are a plus, but a new, state-of-the-art facility staffed with uncaring and inexperienced employees will not be enjoyable. The best athletic clubs have a staff that is willing to help you with any exercise routine or activity you wish to participate in and will treat you as a VIP member regardless of your standing in the membership rolls.


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