#PAGE TITLE What Fitness Equipment Should I Buy For My Home Gym in Boca Raton

#HTML TITLE hat Fitness Equipment Should I Buy For My Home Gym in Boca Raton

Hey guys! For those of you who are new here, welcome to my Blog! My name is Raz Petrea, I?m a Personal Trainer with Proactive Fitness Solutions and today I want to answer one question that a lot of my clients ask me. What fitness equipment should I buy for my home gym?

Let?s face it! Going to the gym can be time consuming. You have to get dressed, you have to get in your car, you have to drive to the gym, you have to park, you have to check in, and you might need to change again before you actually start working out. If it?s crowded, and most gyms are during peak times, you have to wait in line for equipment. After you finish the workout, you have to shower, change, get back to your car and drive back home. That can easily take 2, maybe 3 hours, depending on the distance you need to cover and traffic.

Think about how much time you would save by training in your own home gym. This is one of the reasons most of my clients train in their home. It?s convenient! That?s one of the reasons I?m building my home gym as well.

So, let?s get down to it! What should you buy?

First, you want to start with the space itself. Based on how much space you have available for your home gym, you can decide how many pieces of equipment you can fit comfortably in that particular area. Most people use their garage to set up a home gym, but again depends on the size of your house or condo and overall layout.

The second thing you need to figure out is your budget. Based on that you will know what you can afford to buy. Maybe you can start with a few pieces of fitness equipment and add more to your gym as the time goes by. Maybe buy everything at once, set it up and get it over with. Again, you can decide based on your budget.

Most home gyms have 3 parts: a cardio area, a stretching area and a weight training area.

In this article, I will go over the cardio and stretching areas.

The first thing I recommend you buy is an Elliptical Machine. I?ve been using Elipticals for a long time myself. I always use the Elliptical Machine before I workout with weights as a general warm up. Somedays, I use it just to do my cardio. What I like about it, is that it?s easy on the joints. I?m a big fan of low impact aerobic exercise. The motion itself mimics jogging and it?s a great way to warm up or do cardio exercise. You can buy one from Amazon using the link bellow:

The second piece of equipment I recommend you buy is a Recumbent Bike. I usually use the Recumbent Bike as a specific warmup before I train my Legs. Very easy to use and again very easy on the joints. Sometimes, I use it to do my cardio. You can buy a Recumbent Bike using the link bellow:

Cybex 750R Recumbent Exercise Bike

The third piece of equipment I recommend you buy is a Treadmill. I usually use Treadmills to do my cardio and I like to mix it up. Sometimes I might go for a walk up-hill on a 7.5 incline and 2.5 maybe 3 mph speed. Sometimes, I might go for a jog or a little sprint. I prefer to do my own workout on a Treadmill, but many Treadmills have preset workouts that you can choose from.

I usually do lower intensity aerobic workouts for a longer period of time (no more than one hour) except when I work the Boxing Bag. Boxing is a high intensity workout and I keep it shorter in duration. I usually do 3 Rounds of 3 minutes each.

You can buy a treadmill by clicking the link bellow:


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