Razvan Petrea

Personal Trainer, Founder Proactive Fitness Solutions

Professional Status:

Certified as a Personal Trainer by International Sports Science Association (ISSA), 2008

Continuing Education:

Exercise Science Foundations, course completion with Dr. Anthony Abbott at the Fitness Institute International, Boca Raton, Fl, 2011

Warrior Dash Race completion, Deerfield Beach, Fl, 2011

Trained in Boxing at American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Fl, 2012

Professional Background:

Previously worked as a Personal Trainer at LA Fitness in Boynton Beach, FL (2008-2009) and Gleneagles Country Club in Delray Beach, Fl (2009-2012)

Currently training clients at The Facility for Personal Training in Boca Raton, Fl

Rated #1 Certified Fitness Trainer in Boca Raton by Thumbtack
Thumbtack BEST OF 2015

Thumbtack Best of 2016


Jonatan Sleger

Jonatan Sleger is a bilingual fitness professional with over 15 years of experience in sports coaching, personal training, swimming, sales management, customer service, and computer skills.

His passion for fitness began early on, and he dedicated his life to helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. As a personal trainer, he specializes in developing personalized training plans for clients recovering from injuries, as well as mentoring and motivating them to achieve their fitness goals and overall well-being. He had the privilege of assisting numerous clients in transforming their lives, and he would love to do the same for you.

In addition to his expertise as a personal trainer, he is an experienced tennis coach that can teach people of all ages and levels. He not only provides instruction in proper techniques and strokes, but also creates a fun and engaging environment that encourages students to continue playing and enjoying the sport. In fact, one of his favorite hobbies is playing tennis.

Outside of work, he enjoys engaging in various sports and outdoor activities. Wakeboarding, snowboarding, rollerblading, and tennis are among his favorite hobbies. These activities not only keep him physically active but also bring him joy and help him maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As a university professor, he taught biomechanics, physical activity for the elderly, and Physiology and Anatomy in the Bachelor’s degree of Physical Education. He was involved in coordinating student learning, assessment activities, and teaching tennis. His academic background has provided him with a unique perspective on fitness and wellness, and he strives to incorporate the latest research into his training programs.

He also specializes in aquatic rehabilitation and gymnastics for older adults as a swim coach. Swimming is a fantastic exercise for both physical and mental well-being, and he takes great pleasure in helping clients improve their technique and overall confidence in the water.

Furthermore, he has extensive experience as a weight loss clinic manager/coach. He is skilled in managing clinic operations and providing personalized weight loss plans tailored to clients’ specific needs and goals.

He holds a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation, functional physical activity, and personal training from the University Isabel I de Castilla in Burgos, Spain. Additionally, he has a Postgraduate Degree in Sports & Physical Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Sports & Physical Education from the University Abierta Interamericana in Argentina.

In summary, Jonatan is a dedicated and experienced fitness professional who is passionate about helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, looking to improve your tennis game, or seeking to lose weight and enhance your overall health, he is here to assist you and he’s looking forward to working with you!