Success Stories

Testimonial Picture of Greg (1)
Testimonial Picture of Greg (2)

Raz shows up early every day exhuding confidence and enthusiasm. There is no way to exaggerate the benefit of starting each work out with joy, confidence, and enthusiasm.

Raz knows how to make the best use of the time we have together. He pays close attention and notices everything, and makes adjustments as needed. He keeps the workout constantly moving.

It all feels easy, never do we do the painful weightlifting until I can’t take it. I feel my time with Raz is very effective. The results of Raz’s easy training sessions are undeniable.

He contacts me between sessions with encouraging words for cardio and nutrition.

I am grateful to have his leadership.

He makes training something to look forward to!

Greg started in December 2016 weighing at 255 lbs. with a body fat of 32.3%. 3 months later (March 2017) he weighs at 228 lbs. with a body fat of 28.4%. So far he lost 27 lbs.
Testimonial Picture of Adrian C. (1)
Testimonial Picture of Adrian C. (2)

“I started working with Raz approximately 2 years ago. I’m a international student and I lost my way here in the States. The first year, I gained approximately 30-35 pounds. I started working with Raz because I was desperate for a change and in the first 2 months I lost around 20 pounds. Then I did not only lose the rest of the weight I gained here, but I decided to start training to enhance my body to an advanced level of fitness. So it’s now that 2 years after I’m still training with Raz and I’m in the best shape of my life (yet). I 100% recommend Raz, you are going to achieve your goals and I assure you that you are going to be happy with the results.”

Adrian C.